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Linn State Technical College (LSTC) embraces its state mandated mission “to prepare students for profitable employment”. In order to fulfill this mission, LSTC must insure the safety of its students, including both mental and physical well being of each student. Enhancing current resources, training and programs, the collaborative development with the Community Health Center of Central Missouri and providing easier access to information on the LSTC website will assist the college in supporting this mission.In order to increase awareness of suicide risk factors, Linn State Technical College would like to emulate the suggested school responsibilities in suicide prevention as recommended by the Center for School Mental Health Analysis and Action (CSMHA). These-include (1)Ensuring that school staff are knowledgeable of warning signs for suicide and informed about guidelines for reporting concerns about students (2) Developing policies for notifying parents of suicidal youth including referrals and recommendations for how they should intervene (3) Offering consistent counseling and support by school staff for suicidal students.

Data provided by the Missouri Department of Health supports the fact that Linn State Technical College students are among the highest percentage of gender, race and classification to commit suicide. Missouri’s suicide rate is the highest in Region VII, which includes the states of Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in Missouri, primarily by the method of choice of firearms. Men account for 78% of completed suicides. White, non-Hispanics account for the highest percentage of completed suicides at 93%. There are more suicides in Missouri than homicides, averaging two people dieing by suicide everyday. Suicide is the eleventh leading cause of death of adults, the third leading cause of death for kids, and the second leading cause of death for College students. In the past 60 years, the rate has quadrupled for males 15 -24 years old and has doubled for females of the same age. Linn State Technical College would like to provide the best resources and training to its employees, students and student’s families in order to reduce the probability of suicide as well as promote positive mental health on its campus.