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Lawrence University
Garrett Lee Smith Campus

The two mutually reinforcing goals of the Lawrence University Campus Suicide Prevention Project (LUCSPP) are to (1) strengthen systemic and sustainable structures to effectively address the mental health needs of students particularly those at high risk; and (2) change campus culture to reduce stigma, reduce suicide risk factors, and promote awareness and use of mental health services. Our objectives are to: (1) implement project activities in a transparent and inclusive manner; (2) develop new and enhance existing training programs for campus personnel and students to recognize, respond to, and refer distressed students, support students affected by suicidal behavior of others, and respond in culturally competent ways; (3) strengthen internal and external networking infrastructures; and (4) develop comprehensive, culturally appropriate educational outreach approaches tailored to the unique needs of our campus.

We will target the entire student body through comprehensive, culturally competent approaches that address risk factors and promote life skills, resiliency, and social connectedness, particularly among students from diverse sub-populations at higher risk. We will work with key community mental health stakeholders to identify common concerns and share suicide prevention efforts, particularly with other local college campuses; existing and potential partners in crisis prevention, intervention, and postvention; and other organizations serving at-risk youth and young adults.