Howard University

Howard University
District of Columbia

Howard University’s (HU) Department of Psychiatry and the University Counseling Service have developed the Suicide Prevention Action Group (SPAG). The overall goals of the project are to: (1) maintain and support the increase in HU students’ help seeking behavior; (2) decrease suicidal behavior among HU students at all levels of matriculation; and (3) decrease the stigmatization of mental health seeking behaviors against any HU student at risk of suicide. Project objectives include: (l) to continue and maintain the training of campus wide personnel who interact with HU students who may be at risk for suicide; (2) to deliver effective training for all HU resident assistants (RAs) in campus dormitories and first responders in the HU Hospital, mainly nurses and emergency room staff; (3) to implement an on-line training curriculum for incoming freshmen that will be proceeded by semester long dormitory-based discussions led by the RAs; and (4) to improve SPAG’s existing strategies of education and outreach to new and existing students, and their parents. Target audience for SPAG’s campus-wide program will be all incoming first-year students, resident assistants, and HU Hospital nurses and emergency room staff.