Havasupai Tribal Government Office

HMAAN QAJ GWAAWJ (The Children Speak)
Garrett Lee Smith Tribal

The purpose of The Children Speak is to prevent suicides and suicide attempts among Havasupai Indian Tribal youth ages 10-24. The project is guided BY THE Havasupai Indian Tribe HMAAN QAJ GWAAWJ, The Children Speak plan addressing bullying, violence and suicide prevention.The Children Speak focuses on gatekeeper training, early identification, follow-up and referral, strengthening cultural identity and promoting life skills and leadership using curriculum and interactive activities in partnership with families and the community.Community engagement and outreach will promote protective factors with activities with youth to strengthen cultural and traditional bonds. Gatekeeper training will be provided to persons 15 years or age and older. At least 265 community members will participate in gatekeeper training using the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) model, 15 community members will attain ASIST Trainer certification, and 106 youth will participate in life skill classes and leadership activities. A suicide prevention awareness campaign will reach all 733 Tribal members.The Havasupai live in Supai, a remote village at the bottom of the Grand Canyon accessible by foot, horseback or helicopter. It is the last place in the United States to which the U.S. Postal Service makes deliveries by mule. Students attend the Havasupai Elementary School for grades K-8. Parents must send their children to boarding school to attend high school.This project will enable the Havasupai Indian Tribe to develop the capacity to reduce suicides and suicide attempts. The proposed project is in collaboration with the Indian Health Services and the Bureau of Indian Education.