Fairbanks Native Association

Vision for the Future (Visions)
Garrett Lee Smith Tribal

Tribal System of Care: Through the SAMHSA HT, SAYA is developing a Tribal SOC; a coordinated network of community-based services and supports. SOC networks build important partnerships to address needs and improve functioning (Stroul & Friedman 2010). Our SOC includes the following service domains: Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Health, Housing, Education, Legal, Spiritual/ Culture, and Family/Child Welfare. It meets SOC guiding principles in that it is designed to 1) ensure availability and access to an services and supports; 2) ensure services and supports are evidence-informed; 3) provide case management; and 4) include continuous accountability and quality improvement (Stroul & Fiedman, 2010).Proposed Impact: Visions will reduce suicide deaths and attempts in the Doyon region by 20% per year, achieving zero suicide deaths and attempts by year five. It will ensure at least 50 at-risk youth per year are screened and provided with brief intervention, increase response time to suicide crisis by 50%, and integrate three new evidence-based practices into Doyon’s behavioral health system. It will strengthen the SOC, increasing collaboration and improving service delivery. Visions will provide suicide prevention training to 100% of SOC agencies, ITC agencies, and Youth Council members. It will increase contacts by 25% and referrals by 40%. It will strengthen existing suicide prevention efforts without duplicating efforts or supplanting funds. Descriptions of evidence based practices and anticipated outcomes are detailed in this proposal. Perhaps most important, Visions will give help, hope, and life to the Doyon region.