Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribes

Circles of Trust Youth Suicide Prevention Program
Garrett Lee Smith Tribal

Target Population: American Indian youth, ages 10-24, who reside on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana.

Strategies/Interventions: Provide outreach to increase youth participation in treatment and prevention services; Provide screening and evidence-based programs to youth in schools, college, health agencies, vocational agencies, and youth agencies; Provide cultural activities to improve youth cultural attachment; Provide training to gatekeepers/professionals; Provide support groups and therapy to youth impacted by suicide, including young veterans. Support tribal/nontribal agencies in development and continuation of tribal youth early intervention/prevention activities; Implement systems-level change to improve continuity of care and outcomes for the target population.

Goals: Coordinate suicide prevention activities across multiple sectors and settings; Implement research-informed outreach and media efforts; Increase knowledge of the factors that offer protection from suicidal behaviors and promote wellness and recovery; Implement programs that prevent suicide and related behaviors; Promote efforts to reduce access to lethal means of suicide; Provide training to community and clinical service providers; Promote suicide prevention as a core component of health care services; Implement effective clinical and professional practices for assessing and treating those identified as at risk for suicidal behaviors; Provide care and support to individuals impacted by suicide and community strategies to prevent further suicides; Evaluate the impact of suicide prevention and intervention activities.

Numbers Served Annually/Throughout the Project: Total Number Served Throughout the Project: 6,365. Yr 1: 1217; Yr 2: 1287; Yr 3: 1287; Yr 4: 1287; Yr 5: 1287.