Cleveland State University

Garrett Lee Smith Campus

The Cleveland State University Building Partners for Suicide Prevention project will build on campus and community partnerships to strengthen suicide prevention infrastructure. The project will expand gatekeeper training, promote awareness to decrease stigmatization of mental health concerns, engage student leaders, improve communication between providers, and provide follow up care for high risk students. The project focuses on suicide prevention for CSU students and will attend especially to outreach and prevention with two higher-risk groups: LGBTQ+ students and veteran students. In expanding and strengthening the infrastructure, the CSU Building Partners for Suicide Prevention project will meet the following goals: Goal 1: Increase capacity to deliver campus wide trainings that will increase the ability for students/campus members to take appropriate action when there is a mental health crisis. Objective: Train 3700 students and staff. Goal 2: Decrease stigma and encourage help-seeking behaviors and screenings. Objective: Reach 2900 students and staff with de-stigmatizing campaign and screenings. Goal 3: Increase the capacity of the Counseling Center to provide clinical case management and post-hospitalization follow-up care. Objective: Provide direct service for 200 high risk students. Goal 4: Create and maintain system for tracking student suicidal behavior, identifying trends, and measuring the success of suicide prevention efforts.