Case Western Reserve University

Campus Suicide Prevention Grant
Garrett Lee Smith Campus

The overall purpose of the ConnectCWRU project is to build a connected, outcomes-driven infrastructure that improves communication between providers and leads to better on-campus suicide prevention efforts based on the best currently available evidence and practice. In addition, Connect CWRU proposes a novel approach to detect and predict suicide risk, a research priority of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. ConnectCWRU emphasizes the need for novel ways to detect risk because not all at risk individuals exhibit traditional warning signs.

College healthcare providers have unique opportunities for early identification of students at risk. For example, UHS data suggest that students coming in for emergency contraception have an increased likelihood of a second and third visit within three months, often with a mental health crisis. This project will develop algorithms that detect and predict increased suicide risk from healthcare data such as this.

In developing this infrastructure, ConnectCWRU will meet multiple goals and objectives, including the following:

  1. Create a comprehensive crisis response plan with a networking infrastructure that links on-campus and community resources.
  2. Increase the number of community members trained as gatekeepers who can identify students in crisis and know where and how to refer for help.
  3. Develop and implement educational programming focused on positive mental health, risk reduction, and resiliency training.
  4. Expand access to assistance for students in crisis through promotion and coordination of local and national hotlines.
  5. Increase access to linguistically appropriate information about common problems faced by college students and suicide prevention services available to students.