Webinar series on faith-based approaches to preventing suicide and promoting mental health.

General Webinar
Date:  January 1, 2013 - 1:45 pm (America/New_York)

These two webinars provide information on suicide prevention for faith community leaders and on how to promote protective factors.  

The first webinar in this two webinar series is Overcoming the Tragic: A Positive Pastoral/Rabbinic Approach to Mental Health which discusses a pastoral/rabbinic approach to supporting parishioners and clients struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. This approach employs Biblical narratives to promote a capacity to activate and mobilize resiliency. It is designed for faith leaders, pastoral counselors and mental health clinicians.  The second, The Role of Faith Leaders in Suicide Prevention provides information that faith leaders need to know about suicide prevention (myths, warning signs, how to help, etc.). It will also offer ways faith leaders can help educate their communities about mental health issues and provide support for persons whose loved ones have died by suicide. In addition, it will help them understand and strengthen the resources they have in their own faith tradition that promote mental and spiritual health and/or can help in suicide prevention.

Overcoming the Tragic is available in its entirety but due to technical difficulties only the slide and handouts are available for The Role of Faith Leaders.

Webinar Presentation