Responding to Suicide Clusters on College Campuses Part 1 & Part 2

SAMHSA Webinar
Date:  August 20, 2015 - 11:00 am (America/New_York)
Sponsor:  SAMHSA

Participants will learn from experts in suicide prevention and college mental health about our current understanding of suicide clusters in general and on college campuses. Presenters will discuss the epidemiology and demographics of suicide clusters; what we know about the settings in which clusters are more likely to occur , and how to effectively communicate on and off-campus and in the media to diminish the risk of contagion and clusters occurring. Experts from college campuses will share their experiences responding to multiple suicide.

Event Presenter(s)

Dolores Cimini, Ph.D.

Gregory T. Eells, Ph.D.

Madelyn S. Gould, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Richard McKeon, Ph.D., MPH

Philip W. Meilman, Ph.D.

Victor Schwartz, M.D.

Kerri Smith, LCSW, MPH, Senior Campus Prevention Specialist

Responding to Suicide Clusters on College Campuses Part II