Action Alliance Webinar: Faith.Hope.Life:The Role of Faith Communities in Suicide Prevention

General Webinar
Date:  February 23, 2017 - 3:00 pm (America/New_York)

For information, contact:

  Avery Belyeu

Faith communities of all traditions have an important part to play in fostering mental health and helping prevent suicide. Faith leaders are on the “front lines” –the first people many turn to in times of emotional or spiritual crises. Moreover, our congregations offer the faith and hope needed to get through the most difficult of times. This webinar offers practical information about suicide prevention for faith leaders and it highlights the many ways congregations foster mental health–through “communities of connection,” narratives of hope, worship and educational resources, and advocacy in the wider community. The webinar will introduce an exciting initiative entitled Faith.Hope.Life; a campaign designed to equip faith community leaders with resources and information about suicide prevention. Participants will learn how to use Faith.Hope.Life to promote mental health and wellness, and prevent suicide within the context of faith communities. Both faith community leaders (clergy and lay) and suicide prevention practitioners who are interested in working with faith community leaders to help prevent suicide are encouraged to participate. 

Rev. Talitha Arnold, Co-lead Faith Communities Task Force, Senior Minister United Church of Santa Fe (United Church of Christ)

Dr. Farha Abassi, MD. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Core Faculty, Muslim Studies Program, Michigan State University. 

Efrem Epstein, Founder of Elijah’s Journey , a non-profit focused on suicide awareness/prevention in the Jewish community. He is also the CMO of Docz, an online community for those struggling with issues related to mental health.

Learning Objectives/Goals: 

  • Familiarize participants with the components of the Faith.Hope.Life Initiative
  • Describe the resources on the Faith.Hope.Life website as a go to resource for the broader topic of Suicide Prevention and faith communities
  • Discuss the ways that faith leaders and congregations can build on the strengths of their faith traditions to foster mental health and help prevent suicide.

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