2007 Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grantee Meeting

Grantee Meeting
Date:  January 17, 2007 - 8:00 am to January 19, 2007 - 10:00 am (America/Chicago)

AGENDA for 2007 Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Meeting

Note: Some presentations are not included due to outdated content

Framework for Campus Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention:

Morton Silverman, Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)
Laurie Davidson, SPRC
Chris Brownson, Counseling and Mental Health Center, University of Texas, Austin

Multicultural Transformation: Working with Diverse Populations and Affirming Other Cultures

Peggy H. Yang, University of California, Berkeley

SAMHSA Suicide Prevention Initiative

Morton Silverman, Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)
Laurie Davidson, SPRC
Chris Brownson, Counseling and Mental Health Center, University of Texas, Austin

Best Practices in a Comprehensive Approach

Morton Silverman, SPRC
David Litts, O.D., SPRC

Leaving a Legacy: Sustaining Your Suicide Prevention Program

Deborah Haber, National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention
Karen Moses, Arizona State University
Virginia H. Murr, Northwest Missouri State University

Policies and Crisis Management Protocols: Operational Issues, Post-crisis Response, and the Legal Climate

Darby Dickerson, Stetson University College of Law
Joanna Locke, The Jed Foundation
Jeffrey P. Prince, University of California, Berkeley
Estela M. Rivero, State University of New York, Albany

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View Jeffrey Prince presentation

Selecting, Implementing, and Evaluating Gatekeeper Training

Philip L. Rodgers,  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Cory Wallack, Syracuse University
Darcy Granello, Ohio State University

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View Corey Wallack presentation

View Using Logic Models to Guide Implementation handout
View Comparison Table of SP GKT Programs handout

Strategic Message Development: Using Mass Media and Communications Effectively

Louise Peloquin, SAMHSA/CMHS
Linda Langford, SPRC
Patrick Corrigan, Illinois Institute of Technology
Jane Pearson, National Institute of Mental Health Suicide Consortium

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Local Evaluation: Cohort I

Philip Rodgers, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Linda Langford, SPRC
Christine Walrath, ORC Macro
Angela K. Sheehan, ORC Macro

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Adapting the Air Force Suicide Prevention Model for Campuses

David Litts,  SPRC
Gregory T. Eells, Cornell University

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View David Litts presentation

Involving Students and Parents as Allies in Suicide Prevention

Alison Malmon, Active Minds on Campus
Rebecca Frazee, Active Minds Chapter at Colorado State University
Donna Satow, The Jed Foundation

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Responding to an Increased Demand for Services: Options for Building Capacity

Richard McKeon, SAMHSA/CMHS
Morton Silverman, SPRC
Lidia S. Bernik, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
John R. Dages, George Washington University Counseling Center
Harry Rockland-Miller, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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View Lidia Bernik presentation
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The Use of Screening to Identify and Engage Students at Risk

Ann P. Haas, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Charles C. Morse, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Glen A. Martin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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