BPR Archive

Looking for the SPRC Best Practices Registry?

A revised edition of the Best Practices Registry (BPR) is in the works. Stay informed of when the BPR goes live by subscribing to SPRC’s Weekly Spark.

If you are looking for a program or intervention that was included in the previous Best Practices Registry (active 2007-2016), you can find that below.

This BPR Archive will no longer be accessible to the public after January 15, 2024. We invite all BPR Archived programs and interventions to apply for listing on the new BPR. All new applications will be reviewed  using our most current criteria and knowledge of suicide prevention. Learn more about the new BPR and how to submit programs and interventions here.

If you are seeking suicide prevention resources (i.e., printables, brochures, posters, white papers, consensus statements) that may have been included in the previous iteration of the Best Practices Registry, you can find those resources here.

Programs with Evidence of Effectiveness

Other Programs