Virtual Learning Lab: State Suicide Prevention

Advancing suicide prevention requires a deliberate, comprehensive approach involving many partners. One program or one dedicated leader—or even an entire agency on its own—is unlikely to implement suicide prevention initiatives that are able to reach all of the individuals most in need of help.

This virtual learning lab is designed to help state- and community-level partnerships build and improve more effective prevention efforts. It contains information, in-depth activities, worksheets, and examples from other states to help leaders and coordinators move forward, overcome challenges, and prevent suicide in their communities.

List of Modules

Care Transitions module thumbnail image

Learn what’s involved in helping individuals at risk of suicide successfully transition from inpatient care to outpatient care.

Collaboration module thumbnail image

This module explains how a collaborative effort is essential to preventing suicide on campuses, and includes examples and suggestions for overcoming common challenges.

Crisis Protocols module thumbnail image

Learn about crisis protocols, which help ensure a college or university responds to students in distress or to a suicide in an organized, timely, and compassionate way.

Mental Health Resources module thumbnail image

In this module, colleges can explore how to ensure that mental health resources are available and accessible to students in need.

Mental Health Resources module thumbnail image

This award-winning module helps colleges plan programs and trainings to help prevent suicide on campus.

state partnerships module thumbnail image

Strategic partnerships and relationship building are essential to effective state and community suicide prevention. This module offers examples and strategies to overcome common challenges.