Family Members and Caregivers

Family members and other caregivers are very important to suicide prevention and can be involved in many ways. They can help increase the protective factors in a person’s life—for example, by helping the person develop life skills and supportive relationships. They can also provide support during a suicidal crisis, encourage the person to seek and adhere to treatment, and help keep the person safe during periods of crisis.   

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Recommended Resources
This sheet lists websites and online pages that have suicide prevention resources for parents, guardians, and other family members.
This SPRC information sheet addresses suicide prevention among youth in foster care.
This initiative works to prevent health and mental health risks among LGBT children and youth in the context of their families and communities.
Families Are Forever is an educational video and guide that educates families on how to support their LGBT children and decrease their suicide risk...
This guide is intended to provide support and share resources that may be helpful if there has been a recent suicide attempt in the family. Each of...
This booklet describes the many critical roles families can play in preventing youth suicide.

All Resources Related to Family Members and Caregivers

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