Cost of injury reports and partner toolkit

Date: 2015
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Type:  Report
Author:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Publisher:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The attached MMWR reports on research released in October 2015 concerning the cost of injury estimated lifetime medical and work loss costs associated with fatal and non-fatal injuries in the United States were $671 billion in 2013. The costs associated with fatal injuries were $214 billion while nonfatal injuries accounted for over $457 billion, more than twice as much as the costs associated with fatal injuries. The cost data document significant increases in the cost of both fatal and nonfatal injury. The increases reflect changes in: 1) methodology, including the use of current dollars (cost of medical care and worker earnings) and changes in population, and 2) injury trends, including increases in poisoning, suicide, and falls. To assist in sharing this important information with colleagues and partners, the CDC has also provide the attached Cost of Injury Fact Sheet and Partner Tool Kit.