Racial and Ethnic Groups

Suicide risk varies among different racial and ethnic groups. In the United States, suicide death rates are much higher among whites and American Indians/Alaska Natives than among other populations (see our Racial and Ethnic Disparities page).1 Suicidal thoughts and behaviors can vary across racial and ethnic groups, as well as within subgroups, such as people of different ages.

Risk and Protective Factors

Suicide prevention efforts seek to reduce risk factors for suicide and strengthen the factors that help strengthen individuals and protect them from suicide. Here are a few examples:

Risk factors

  • Prior suicide attempt(s)
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Mood and anxiety disorders
  • Access to lethal means

Protective factors

  • Effective mental health care
  • Connectedness to individuals, family, community, and social institutions
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Contacts with caregivers


  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2014). Fatal injury reports, national and regional, 1999–2014. Retrieved from http://webappa.cdc.gov/sasweb/ncipc/mortrate10_us.html

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