High School Gatekeeper Curriculum


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Gryphon Place

Costs vary. Additional options include training of faculty, parent education materials, and consultation. For more information contact Amy Dunham, School Programs director at 269-381-1510 or by email at adunham@gryphon.org


Developed by Gryphon Place, the Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Program: A High School Curriculum is organized into four class-period length lessons. A gatekeeper philosophy—i.e., identification of those exhibiting risk behaviors, asking about behaviors of concern, and referral of those possibly at-risk to a trusted adult—is the primary theme of the lessons. Also emphasized are the de-stigmatization of mental illness, breaking the “culture of silence,” and the encouragement of help-seeking. Teacher training and parent education components are included. Linkages to helping resources and personnel within schools and a local 24/7 crisis line are promoted.

For over 15 years Gryphon Place has used a continuous evaluation and quality improvement process, collecting input from teachers, youth, and the suicide prevention field, to modify and improve the curriculum program. Gryphon Place has been providing a comprehensive array of suicide prevention services, training, and consultation since 1988.

Program Objectives

After program implementation, participating students will have:

  1. Increased knowledge related to suicide and suicide prevention.
  2. Increased awareness of their attitudes toward suicide and depression.
  3. Increased knowledge of suicide warning signs.
  4. Increased knowledge of intervention skills for at-risk peers.
  5. Increased knowledge of referral strategies and helping services.

Implementation Essentials

  • The program must be presented by personnel trained by Gryphon Place.
  • Specific school referral points for at-risk students and linkages to helping services must be identified and incorporated into the curriculum content prior to implementation.

2012 NSSP Objectives Addressed: 

Objective 7.1: Provide training on suicide prevention to community groups that have a role in the prevention of suicide and related behaviors.