Gryphon Place Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Program-A Middle School Curriculum


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The Gryphon Place Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Program: A Middle School Curriculum is a universal prevention program for Grades 7-8, developed by Gryphon Place. The program is comprised of a three-lesson curriculum delivered on three consecutive days. Schools host the program, which is delivered by Gryphon Place employees. In addition to the curriculum, staff and parent awareness presentations are offered to schools.

The primary goal of the Gryphon Place Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Program is to increase the likelihood that school gatekeepers—administrators, faculty, staff, and students—can identify, intervene, and obtain help for at-risk youth. Additional goals are to educate about issues of mental illness, depression, and substance abuse in a manner that reduces stigma and encourages help-seeking behaviors; and to develop coping, self-esteem, asset-building, stress reduction, and communication skills. Students receive information about local resources available to help them or their friends.

The program has been in operation continuously since 1998 and was developed to serve as a companion program to the Gryphon Place High School Gatekeeper Curriculum. The middle school program was developed at the request of local schools, which provided teacher and counselor input to ensure it was developmentally appropriate.

Program Objectives

After training, students should have:

  1. Increased knowledge about suicide, substance abuse and common teen stressors.
  2. Increased knowledge of how to seek help for themselves or others.
  3. Increased knowledge of helping resources.

Implementation Essentials

  • The program must be presented by personnel trained by Gryphon Place.
  • Specific school referral points for at-risk students and linkages to helping services must be identified and incorporated into the curriculum content prior to implementation.

2012 NSSP Objectives Addressed: 

Objective 7.1: Provide training on suicide prevention to community groups that have a role in the prevention of suicide and related behaviors.